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After Dallas let Fair Park crumble, a search, finally, for tenants to fill empty landmarks

Brian Luallen, Fair Park First's new exec director, explained why he was brought here: to create a "unified identity for Fair Park, because there doesn't seem to be one now."

Fair Park First Seeks Tenants for Campus Reactivation

Fair Park First, the non-profit acting as the private professional manager of Fair Park, is interested in revitalizing the 277-acre campus.

South Dallas Neighbors Get Chance to Weigh in on Fair Park Plans

Dozens of South Dallas residents along with developers and leaders from around the city gathered Tuesday for an inaugural community conversation with Fair Park First about a master plan to revitalize Fair Park.

Group asks public to weigh in on Fair Park’s future

In about six weeks, the State Fair of Texas will bring big crowds to Fair Park in Dallas. But a new non-profit organization hopes to turn the park into a year-round destination.

Fair Park First Hosts Inaugural Community Conversation

Fair Park First will host its first Community Conversation on Tuesday, August 13 from 6-8 p.m. This free event will take place at the Women’s Building at Fair Park, 3800 Parry Ave., Dallas, TX 75226.

New Executive Director Plans to Restore, Revitalize Fair Park

The new Executive Director of Fair Park is addressing challenges the park is facing amid an effort to revitalize it.

Fair Park First Names New Executive Director

Fair Park First, the nonprofit devoted to restoring, revitalizing, and renewing the National Historic Landmark, announced Brian Luallen to be its executive director.

Fair Park Fiesta! Rolls Into Fair Park on July 20

Fair Park Fiesta!, a Latin-themed market with food, drinks, live music, games, and a pop-up roller rink, is coming to the Esplanade and the Automobile Building at Fair Park on Saturday, July 20 from 5 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.

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