Caring for the future of Fair Park & its community.

Join us on our mission to reestablish Fair Park as a place of activity, opportunity, and pride for all of Dallas and beyond.

Our Pillars


Let’s restore the energy of Fair Park and bring events year-round to the Fairgrounds.


We’re committed to building community – working closely with and giving back to our South Dallas neighbors.


Cultural institutions have always called Fair Park home, and we help them flourish.


We uphold the integrity of the Fair Park and update as needed to make it a premier destination.

Whats happening at Fair Park?


Events hosted at Fair Park from Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, 2019

From concerts to conventions to crawfish boils, Fair Park brings people from all walks of life together. There’s always something happening, so come see what all the buzz is about.

2019 Highlights


Event days at Fair Park from Jan. 1 to Jun. 30, 2019

Whether it’s a summer day by the Lagoon or a date night enjoying a show at the Music Hall, every day is a good day to come explore all the wonders of Fair Park. Check out the Event Calendar at to plan your next visit.

2019 Highlights


Patrons attended Fair Park events from Jan. 1 to Jun. 30, 2019

With visitors ranging from across the street to around the world, memories are made every single day at Fair Park.

Recent News

After Dallas let Fair Park crumble, a search, finally, for tenants to fill empty landmarks

Brian Luallen, Fair Park First's new exec director, explained why he was brought here: to create a "unified identity for Fair Park, because there doesn't seem to be one now."

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