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Commitment for Equity and Inclusion

Since our formation, Fair Park First and our operating partner, Spectra, have sought equity and inclusion for all citizens of Dallas and, more specifically, our neighbors surrounding Fair Park. This 360-degree approach for providing opportunities—including jobs, business, education, health and wellness—is evident in our interactions during our collective outreach. Fair Park First is establishing this equity and inclusion position to illustrate our commitment to combating systemic racism, which marginalizes and creates barriers for our Black and Hispanic neighbors.

Inclusion to us means providing access to all while acknowledging our differences inclusive of race, ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, health and mobility classifications. Equity means recognizing the differences and providing the support each needs to fully participate in the economic and community activities available to all. Justice is the removal of systematic barriers impeding full access. Fair Park First is establishing this Commitment for Equity and Inclusion to work towards fuller participation by all.

The Board of Directors is committed to providing true, meaningful and impactful decisions that will open doors for all citizens including previously under-resourced, underserved and marginalized citizens. Fair Park First is governed by a multi-faceted Board, with members representing gender, age, ethnicity, income level, and background diversity. The concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to Fair Park First and are reflected in our Four Pillars: Community, Activation, Culture & History. We use these to help guide each discussion and decision regarding our impact for providing consequential transformational change.

Fair Park First has and will be about providing space at the table for our neighbors’ contribution to our shared future. We believe and have practiced that providing jobs is just one part of our comprehensive strategy inclusive of educational access, career path exploration, business opportunity & partnerships with community voices regarding the future of Fair Park.

Our mandate reflects a mission of activating the 277-acre park on a 365 day a year basis with efforts for updating the master plan, creating a community park, greening other parts of Fair Park, spurring new activities and higher utilization. The community space we are building will be just that - a park for the community. All things done inside the Park will influence development and utilization outside the Park. With this in mind, we will assist our neighboring organizations as they delineate plans and strategies for their respective healthy growing communities. Fair Park First nor Spectra will lead those efforts, but we acknowledge our role as a catalyst for change by participating in those conversations and decisions.

Fair Park First is establishing this Commitment for Equity and Inclusion as part of our ongoing dedication to support our surrounding community. We acknowledge our effort from before by affirming our continuing endeavors to be the catalyst for positive generational growth.

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